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Biometrics are the future of security and openly used everywhere in everyday life. Biomatrix is a safer and advanced side of technology. Most offices and business uses biometric sensor locks; they are different types of biometric sensors available in India.

PIN LOCK = unlock biometric sensors are a type of sensors in which you have to put a pin to get to the thing you want or to open the lock. This type of biometric is easy to crack and can be used by anyone with your pin. The pin can directly be stored in the data, and then your attendance will be marked, or your entry will be marked.



ID BADGES. = ID batches are mostly used in train stations or office areas. Anyone with your ID badge can get in an entry.

SWIPE CARD= They are often used by train stations and metro stations. They’re easy to carry around, and you need to swipe it.

The biometric attendance system works for any workspace. It has proximity terminals and desktop readers, and It makes it easy to use and has a PC based clocking.


  • Multispectral imaging is more effective
  • Integrate with time and attendance software
  • Increase the security of your workplace
  • Prevent time theft
  • Prevent attendance abuse
  • Biometric terminals are easy to use
  • Restrict or grant entry to specific areas
  • Install in multiple locations around your workplace

Multispectral imaging is more effective.

Multispectral imaging is needed for a workspace as there is a risk that someone will abuse the rights to enter or the rights in the office. Multispectral imaging will capture the target and directly upload the photo to the cloud servers later on. You can see someone has done any damage to your office or who was the person.

Integrate with time and attendance software

Biometrics are easy to use and can integrate with time or attendance, which means that if a person swipes or inserts his pin into the biometric lock, it will directly tell us the time that he entered. It marks him as he is present.

Increase the security of your workplace

Biometrics sensors can increase the security of your workplace as anyone without an authentic pin or card cannot end to the workplace, which makes it secure as outsiders cannot enter the workspace and damage the workspace or the people working in the workspace.

Prevent time theft

Time theft is common in office spaces as people usually lie about when they enter the workspace by just writing it up. Biometric sensors will automatically detect the card swiping time and then upload it to the server does it will prevent time theft, and the exact time with seconds will be on your server.

Prevent attendance abuse

Attendance abuse is a big issue in college life and school life. Biometric sensors will automatically upload the real attendance of the person as a particular card or pin.

Biometric terminals are easy to use

  • Biometrics and easy to use, and an illiterate person can learn it in 10 minutes.
  • Restrict or grant entry to specific areas
  • Biometrics has a particular design so that they can restrict or grant entry to the specific area. This type of lock sensors used in government space, where there is a confined room that restricted staff can enter.
  • Install in multiple locations around your workplace
  • Biometric sensors can be installed in multiple spaces multiple times and can work fluently without any hassle.


AmiciSmart Multi-Access Touchless Smart Door Lock Alexa Compatible Intelligent Biometric Fingerprint App-Controlled Password Smart Card with Mechanical Key and 4xAA Batteries (Black) (Left Hand Door Lock)


It comes with five different types of lock-in patterns and settings. The design supports a biophilic environment and is minimal in the feature. It has a fast unlock feature by just touching the sensor button, and it will directly open it. It has a 4AA battery built-in, which makes it easy to use and cost-efficient. It has a connectivity feature, which can connect the device to your Android or iOS smartphones.

The design comes with the capacitive touch screen, which is a classic feature compared to others in the same range, which does not have a capacitive touch panel. The biometric sensor can be customized to the door panel and inserted or fitted on any surface you wish to put it.

ZKTeco Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance Clock Employee Checking-in Recorder with Build-in SSR Excel Software (Silver)

ZKTeco Biometric Fingerprint

It has a fingerprint reader with a new generation scanner as well. It comes with T9 input support. It also has a 2.8 inches LED screen, which tells us about the data. It also has a verification result screen, which is displayed on the LCD screen.

It comes with the time clock. It has a database that can store up to 9000 fingerprints. It also comes with an NSR facility, which means that you can record the voice input. It can directly connect to your computer connection or web service. It can also be used with the card or a PIN.

In the designing section, the design is very compact and minimal. It has given an old-style look to the buttons, and the screen is also glossy. It has a fingerprint scanner on the right side, which has an elevation on the inside. It comes to the dual-tone finish of grey and silver. It also comes with a speakerphone attached to it.

ZKTeco Fingerprint Attendance Machine Biometric Time Clock for Employee Small Business

ZKTeco Fingerprint Attendance Machine

It has a biometric ID and fingerprint scanner. It can work seamlessly in any weather condition and has a secure connection to your cloud server. It can directly upload and separate the data in the attendance sheet. It also has an infrared light source, which can scan the person’s motion.

It has a built-in SSR Excel software, which makes it easy to use as there is no need for any other software plugin as it will directly login attendance data and upload it to drive. It also comes with the USB flash drive to import the Excel data. It also has an LED screen over the top and fingerprint scanner over the below.

In the designing section, it comes with dual-tone finish with a very thin besan on the borders. It comes with a rubber finish over the front LED screen and has a new textured button.

It is a green light to the fingerprint scanner, which tells if the finger is scanning or not, and also comes with a silver lining finish over the borders, which makes it very attractive. It also has a LED screen with a decent amount of pixel density.…