Best places to book a winter vacation

Winter is a great time to have so much fun, and there are many things that you can only see in winters and in winters, like skiing, snowboarding, playing with the snow and many other things.

People don’t really take winter as a season to go out and enjoy, but there are some places that you would love to go in winter, here are some of our picks in best places to go to in winters.


The best place to go in winter, as at the winter nights the sky is filled with beautiful northern lights and sparkling snow to make it look more beautiful.

You can enjoy super amazing culture there in winter season with many festive to celebrate and special Christmas and New Year celebration with amazing showcase of fireworks.


Talking about Switzerland the place is a super amazing culture with its beautiful fairy tale villages and luxurious hotels, the place offers you a great variety of clubs, bars and many adventure sports to do stuff like skiing, snowboarding and enjoying the snow.

The country offers you some affordable hotels but if you have money then you can enjoy the luxurious hotels that will cost you a lot but totally will be worth it.

And there are many places for you to visit like Switz national park the beautiful Rhine waterfall and many more.

Breckenridge, Colorado

The best place to visit in Colorado Breckenridge has the best skiing destination in the US and 2nd best in the whole world, yes because of that there are many people coming there just to have great skiing adventure with family and friends.

You can enjoy the friendly locality there with many great bars and Resort so if you want a skiing spot no other will be better than Breckenridge.

Park City Utah

If you have a love and passion for adventure sports then this is the place to go the Park City Utah skiing resort in 2015 combined with another resort to give you a larger better spot to have fun with many levels of slopes this place is great and when you tried from doing skiing all day, you can enjoy the bars at the city and many great restaurant and have an amazing sleep in Coziest hotels in park city.

Tokyo, Japan

The capital of Japan the city who created and revolutionized the world with its anime and culture, and what can be a better way to spend your winter than a traditional Japanese style hot springs, with so many other things to watch and enjoy like their Japanese style gardens, castles and all and if your luck is with you, You can even enjoy the plum trees blossom and that is a beautiful thing you will ever see believe me.


If you want to go somewhere in Europe in winter season than make sure to consider Budapest as your option here you can enjoy the ice skating experience like the Disney the main ice skating rink in Budapest is covered with a castle giving you that fairy tale experience and the hotels are super great with amazing food and the coffee is Budapest you can never taste a better one, and also some great hot spring.

Budapest has everything that you will enjoy so in winter season you should really consider the Budapest in your go-to list for sure.


The best city to enjoy the Christmas season and no doubt the best city to go to in the winter season and have fun, there are many things about Vienna like great architecture, great buildings, the Christmas culture and spirit, and the fashion of Vienna.

When you visit Vienna at Christmas you must go to the Christmas market and get you some stuff from there and after that go to the Hofburg palace and listen to the great opera concert at Vienna state opera.

Now once you have done all that and ready to witness some skiing you can go to the skiing spots of Vienna and have some really great experience and fun at Vienna.


This one is really just will give you a memorable experience with its fairy tale castles, at the times of Christmas you can go to the Christmas market and enjoy the festive and then head to the hot sauna and get some relaxation.

After that, enjoy the beauty of the city and when you do go to book the tickets for all the castle that you will find here to give you that royal and Disney type experience that you don’t wanna miss at all.

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