Actual cool things to do in Boston

The capital city of Massachusetts, the Boston is the largest city in the state found in 1630, also one of the oldest ones in the country, this city has been part of the American revolution the place is great for its history, culture and great halls and market place to visit.

And there are some cool things that you can do while you are in Boston, Massachusetts. And some of them we will discuss that will make your day when you go there you must try this list of cool things to do while being in Boston, Massachusetts.

Faneuil Hall marketplace

The center of the Boston you will find this place called Faneuil Hall Marketplace, it consists of 4 buildings in the whole market place and the main and the oldest one is the Faneuil Hall itself it’s the center of the Boston and this played a great role in the Boston history and still known for the best place to meet anyone, and this is now a great urban place to go to with lots of shops to buy stuff and get what you want and many amazing restaurants to eat from, the place is a really great gem of the Boston.

Boston Duck Tour

Next up we have the Boston Duck Tour, imagine getting the tour of the city in a vehicle that looks exactly like a boat, the Boston Duck tour gives you an amazing way to discover Boston and travel some main places, there will be a local guide with you explaining everything regarding to the landmarks and some places like Faneuil Hall Market and etc. And that is not just it when I said boat alike vehicle I literally mean boat alike as the tour will end with the river in the same boat yes it can take you to the river too, amazing right? I know so yeah now I know that you really wanna get into it so when you go Boston make sure to look for a Boston Duck Tour.

Boston Freedom trail

Want to learn about the history of the city Boston then this is the place for four just 2.5km of trail leading you through the history of Boston, it will show you 16 historical sites and let you know all about them see you had exercise plus you learned something super amazing and can click pics with all of these historical sites while you walking there, now I know that it’s just 2.5km but take your time and don’t rush to try to enjoy the history as much as you can give it at least 3 hours to observe and enjoy all those 16 places.

Fenway Park

Well Boston team is really great when it comes to baseball and I know there are many baseball fans, so the next place is for you guys, the Fenway Park it’s a baseball park opened since 1912 yep over 100 years, it’s still the home for Boston red socks baseball team of Boston in American baseball league, it’s the oldest baseball park still in use ever. The park field and the history still the same as it was when it opened now even, and when the team are not playing they let you have a tour of this historical sports monument and discover lost of history about the team and the field itself.

Boston common and public gardens

The Boston Common and Public Gardens are a great place to go relax and enjoy your day, they both just right next to each other the oldest park in the whole America is the Boston common garden with Pounds, sculptures, and free summer performance and a great place to sit and relax and even play ball with your friends and have trees that are hundreds of years old with great shades on walking path and on the whole garden to lie down when the sun is up and when you want to do something fun try riding one of the swan boats.

The New England Aquarium

Another fun thing to do when you are in Boston go and visit the New England Aquarium which is an ideal place and travel something for everyone whether you are an adult or a kid you will have fun there in the New England Aquarium.

Skywalk Observatory

One of the best spots in Boston, make sure to bring your camera with you when you go there as from there you can see up to 1000 miles away in the city, the observatory gives you the 360 views of the city and all the landscapes surrounding the city so go there on a clear day and enjoy seeing the city from a new perspective.

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