A 30-day strength training without equipment

Everyone one loves to just gain some strength but most of the times you can’t go to the gym, or can’t afford the equipment and staff to get the full advantage, and if you are like that no worries we will tell you some great Exercises that will help you build strength and get fit in just 30 days, I myself have tried this routine and been transformed the shape of my body and gained some great strength and felt the difference in my body.

Day 1 to 30

1st week

The things about getting a fit body at home without equipment and facilities depend on the efforts you put in to build before starting that you need to make sure that your mind is ready to take all the pressure.

At the start we need to let our body get used to some basic exercises to gain the strength, we will be starting from some stretching you can see the ideal basic stretch from YouTube and get the idea how to stretch properly so you won’t be making any mistake while doing that after you are done stretching we will get to the upper body workout.

On the first day we might want to be focused all the way to the upper body strength, so start from the push-ups, if you have not done push-ups before and can’t do because of your weight start with knee push-ups or the wall push-ups these are for people who weight too much, we will do a set of 3 and 20 push-ups in each set the best thing about push-ups are that it really helps you build the strength of your arms and chest and help you have a great shaped chest and arms.

After push up you will move to doing some pull-ups that will strengthen you back and help you even with height if you are a teenager below 18 and in the growth stage, we will do 3 sets of this exercise too with 15 repetitions, and if you aren’t able to do this then try just hanging as long as you can.

After this we will go towards the triceps dips, you can search for this exercise in YouTube this one is great for your triceps and focus on that only do 3 sets for this exercise and make 20 repetitions.

Once you are done doing that so the stretches again and hold 10 sec so your pain will be less on the next day, after your stretches try going for a run or a walk you need to run every day as running makes your whole bodywork and gain stamina which will help you later in workout and gaining strength.

Another thing you might want to consider what you eat for gaining strength you need to take proper nutrition, with good fats only and a certain amount of carbs and protein.

2 day

On the second day you will do core and abs workout, start with stretches for core, and then we will move to crunches do those 3 sets and 20 repetitions, after you done doing that we will move to some flutter kicks that will help you get rid of the side and upper abs mostly, the sets and repetition will be same for whole abs exercise after this you will do the leg raise and lastly the plank try searching the plank in YouTube so you will know the proper form, do this 30sec off and 30 sec on without stopping your timer repeat that 3 times and you will be done.

Time for your jogging or running we will do that everyday.

3 day

Today will be the legs or the lower body, and we will first start with the running because later your legs might not be able to run that much, so go finish your running and when you come back you need to Stretch for your lower body make sure you cover every part from thighs to Calves.

Start with body weighted squats make sure your core stays tight and back straight, do this 3 sets of 20 repetitions, and if not able to then take support by holding something and then doing squats, next we will do jumping jacks a total of 100 and later that we will do the high knees 50 and then for the last part you will be doing some jumps on your toes to activate your calves.

And you will repeat this routine of 3 exercises 2 times a week Sunday to you take the day off.

Bonus exercise, week 2 to 4

What I told you is great for everyone but if you find yourself at ease and think you might want to go ahead in the routine, from 2nd week add this routine in your everyday workout life.

I will be telling you the high-intensity interval training that will help your whole body and give you great strength and stamina.

The rules are simple you will take a stopwatch, the exercise will be 30 sec, and 30sec rest till you are done.

Start with Burpee’s great exercise for the whole body.

2, you do mountain climber

3, squat jumps

4, squat

Do all this 2 times to make 1 round,

You have to this routine every day means 6days a week for 3 weeks.

Start with 1 round on 1 week, don’t exceed over 2 even if you have great stamina

2 weeks 2 to 3 round according to you, at this point with all running and eating and exercise you will be having great stamina so get yourself 3 rounds.

3rd week finish it with a bang do at least 4 or 5 rounds and you’re done with 30 days work out.

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