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The Oxford dictionary describes “age” as the length of the life or lifetime of an individual. While the term “age” usually applies to human beings, in reality, anything can be used to measure the duration of the time.
To evaluate an age of an adult, you must know the date and date of birth. Most types require users to complete their date of birth, but not their age. Calculate the era of core basic arithmetic. The age mentioned in the list is registered by the Election Commission of India according to its date of birth. The Voter ID number of the voter can also be found. The date and age of the person is specified in the list as at that date. Please note that the age stated is only the years finished and months not counted.

Age is quite a simple arithmetic method to measure manually. The calculation process involves matching one’s year of birth with the year of measurement. The current year is first and foremost considered. The year of birth is then taken into account. The new year is deduced from the current year. Age is the resultant value.

Step 1
Write down on a document the date of birth.

Get the date of birth of the person concerned. Write it in the format month / day / year on a sheet of paper. For example, someone who was born on 17 July 1952 was born in writing on 7/17/1952.

Step 2
If you do not have comfortable individual subtraction, use a calculator.

Scroll down the year and subtract the year of birth of the person. For instance, subtract 1952 from 2019 if the current year is 2019. Either, you can use a stylus and paper in your head, or you can use a computer. You should get a 67 answer in this case.

Step 3

Compare the date of your birthday today.

Subtract one of your answers from 67 if the birthday comes after the measurement date. For instance, if you do the computation on March 4, 2019, somebody who came into being on July 17, 1952 is 67 years from birthday.


The month fraction is determined depending on last month’s number of days entered in the age comparison sector.


The calculator of age is not like regular calculators; that only tells you the years, months and days a person has lived for. All of these together with other additional criteria are shown in the age calculator:

How many years & weeks & hours a person has lived for.

How many minutes and seconds a human has lived for.

Few details which you may also get to learn after using the ages calculator are:
How long you have been living a person has spent working, feeding etc. (This will be on an average).


There are many different ways of interpreting a month. Months are calculated in our system based not only on 30 days, but on a full month period. We use “same days” for a full month from one month to the next.

China, Japan, Viet Nam and South Korea

In China the age does not change at the birthday of an individual but at the day in which a person is born from the first day, from February 4 to the first day of the year, which represents the beginning of the spring.
Eastern Mongolia
The traditional way to get an individual’s age is from the amount of moon from birthday. Full moons for girls and new moons for boys.

The benefit of knowing the Exact Age:

Government Jobs: Most people don’t know there are old age requirements as government jobs are hotspots with people who want to work for the country. You will calculate your age correctly to make sure that you are qualified or not, use our age calculator. Law and Order: if in these situations you are always trapped, it could prove beneficial to learn your exact age or sex. Because the age factor is strictly complied with by many laws and rules. If a person is above or below the age limit (as required), he / she should pose his / her case in a different way.


This age generator helps you to register your name, and then it displays you every birthday for the next one hundred years. This device will also inform you when you question, “How many days before my birthday?” You can see on what day of the week for your next birthday, potential wedding days, and the days you died, if you are standing over the birthday in the left panel of the age calculator.


Overall, the age determines the actual number of days, months, years, a person has been alive for. Moving towards the online technology then you can easily calculate your age just by adding your date of birth and today’s date on the website:
And if today’s your birthday then, with you a very happy Birthday.
The age calculator has been made to make it user-friendly and free of charge. It’d be quick, but specific, until the last second.

Your Age is: 19 years, 5 months, 29 days Your Age in Month is: 233 months, 4 weeks, 1 days Your Age in Week is: 1017 weeks, 2 days, 11 hours Your Age in Days is: 7121 days, 11 hours, 58 minutes Your Age in Hours is: 170915 hours, 58 minutes, 13 seconds Your Age in Minutes is: 10254958 minutes, and 13 seconds Your Age in Seconds is: 615297493 seconds since your birth generated by