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The capital city of Massachusetts, the Boston is the largest city in the state found in 1630, also one of the oldest ones in the country, this city has been part of the American revolution the place is great for its history, culture and great halls and market place to visit.

And there are some cool things that you can do while you are in Boston, Massachusetts. And some of them we will discuss that will make your day when you go there you must try this list of cool things to do while being in Boston, Massachusetts.

Faneuil Hall marketplace

The center of the Boston you will find this place called Faneuil Hall Marketplace, it consists of 4 buildings in the whole market place and the main and the oldest one is the Faneuil Hall itself it’s the center of the Boston and this played a great role in the Boston history and still known for the best place to meet anyone, and this is now a great urban place to go to with lots of shops to buy stuff and get what you want and many amazing restaurants to eat from, the place is a really great gem of the Boston.

Boston Duck Tour

Next up we have the Boston Duck Tour, imagine getting the tour of the city in a vehicle that looks exactly like a boat, the Boston Duck tour gives you an amazing way to discover Boston and travel some main places, there will be a local guide with you explaining everything regarding to the landmarks and some places like Faneuil Hall Market and etc. And that is not just it when I said boat alike vehicle I literally mean boat alike as the tour will end with the river in the same boat yes it can take you to the river too, amazing right? I know so yeah now I know that you really wanna get into it so when you go Boston make sure to look for a Boston Duck Tour.

Boston Freedom trail

Want to learn about the history of the city Boston then this is the place for four just 2.5km of trail leading you through the history of Boston, it will show you 16 historical sites and let you know all about them see you had exercise plus you learned something super amazing and can click pics with all of these historical sites while you walking there, now I know that it’s just 2.5km but take your time and don’t rush to try to enjoy the history as much as you can give it at least 3 hours to observe and enjoy all those 16 places.

Fenway Park

Well Boston team is really great when it comes to baseball and I know there are many baseball fans, so the next place is for you guys, the Fenway Park it’s a baseball park opened since 1912 yep over 100 years, it’s still the home for Boston red socks baseball team of Boston in American baseball league, it’s the oldest baseball park still in use ever. The park field and the history still the same as it was when it opened now even, and when the team are not playing they let you have a tour of this historical sports monument and discover lost of history about the team and the field itself.

Boston common and public gardens

The Boston Common and Public Gardens are a great place to go relax and enjoy your day, they both just right next to each other the oldest park in the whole America is the Boston common garden with Pounds, sculptures, and free summer performance and a great place to sit and relax and even play ball with your friends and have trees that are hundreds of years old with great shades on walking path and on the whole garden to lie down when the sun is up and when you want to do something fun try riding one of the swan boats.

The New England Aquarium

Another fun thing to do when you are in Boston go and visit the New England Aquarium which is an ideal place and travel something for everyone whether you are an adult or a kid you will have fun there in the New England Aquarium.

Skywalk Observatory

One of the best spots in Boston, make sure to bring your camera with you when you go there as from there you can see up to 1000 miles away in the city, the observatory gives you the 360 views of the city and all the landscapes surrounding the city so go there on a clear day and enjoy seeing the city from a new perspective.…

bookmark_border9 Natural Remedies to Brighten Dull Skin


A bright and flawless skin is the dream of every person, especially girls. In your childhood, you never knew what flawless skin even means. But as teenage arrives, the quest for a bright skin begins, and it becomes a never ending search! With pollution increasing in the environment, it causes severe damage to our skin, and also other factors like sunlight, UV rays etc. are involved.

But the real problem lies in the solution we take out to improve our skin. Most often we fall in the trap for various companies selling beauty creams promising a better lightened skin. But those products can be more harmful than useful to our skin as these contain various dangerous chemicals which go harsh on our skin tone. There are few gadgets available to brighten your skin like use of Microcurrent facial machines etc, must check them out.

It is always best to apply natural remedies when it comes to our own body, because natural products like honey, lemon and all things do not have any harmful chemicals that may damage our skin. Here are a few natural remedies to brighten the dull skin –

1. Lemon


One of the most useful skin remedy is lemon. Lemon has abundant Vitamin C and ascorbic acid, which amplify and improve our skin complexion by using anti-pigmentary effect.

All you have to do is to squeeze 2-3 lemons in a bowl and apply it on your skin using clean cotton pad, and then wash it after 15 minutes. Since lemon juice causes burning and stinging to skin, a patch test is necessary before applying the remedy. Repeat this two times a week and get a brightened skin!

2. Sugar scrub


Fruit sugars and glucose have a slightly abrasive texture which can help in brightening your skin by removing the dead skin cells in your skin. With the dead cells out of your skin, your skin is going to retain its light again!

In a bowl, add a little olive oil and honey and mix it. Then add half-a-cup brown sugar and mix it thoroughly. Now using a cotton pad, apply it on your skin in circular motion and rinse it well after 4-5 minutes. Repeat this 2 times a week and see the change.

3. Honey


Another remedy that comes to mind when talking about natural things is honey. One of the biggest problems of skin is excessive pigmentation, and honey is the antidote to it. It contains various substances like fructose and alpha-hydroxy acids which reduce excess pigmentation of the skin.

All you have to do is mix a little lemon juice and honey in a bowl and then apply it thoroughly on your skin by using a cotton pad. And at last wash it after 15-20 minutes and you will get the results. Do these 2 times a week.

4. Chocolate mask


Chocolate may be harmful for health related stuffs, but it is a great remedy for dull skin. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, and cocoa contains antioxidant properties that can help reduce the deterioration of skin cells and dullness of skin.

But only dark chocolate is best needed. Melt down a few bars of dark chocolate and then add a little milk and honey to it. After it gets cooled down, apply it on your skin and wash after 15-20 minutes. Doing this once a week can be very fruitful.

5. Aloe Vera


We must be using various skin care products made of aloe vera, but why not use the real thing instead?

Aloe vera contains aloin, which helps reverse the effects of hyper pigmentation, and brightens the skin. Extract a tablespoon of aloe vera gel and add a little brown sugar to it. After mixing it well apply it on your face and neck and rinse well after 15-20 minutes. Do it twice a week for best results.

6. Walnut


You may not have heard much about walnut as a remedy for dull skin, but you must have come across products like walnut scrub or walnut face wash etc. Here is the natural walnut scrub which will heal your dull skin by reducing pigmentation using the tyrosinase inhibitors.

Take a cup of yogurt and mix 5-6 crushed walnuts in it. Mix them thoroughly and apply the mixture on your face and neck. Wash clearly after 15-20 minutes and done! As walnuts are not easy to find, do it once a week and you will get the desired glowing skin.

7. Yogurt


Well, we are already talking about yogurt, so let us include this in the list as well. Yogurt in person is a traditional remedy for skin treatment because it has an enzyme L-cysteine which works same as tyrosinase of walnuts. This helps in preventing excess pigmentation and the glow of your skin returns.

Take half a cup yogurt and mix a tablespoon of honey in it. Mix them thoroughly and apply on your skin where you want. Keep for about 15-20 minutes and then wash it. Repeat for two times a week for best results.

8. Cucumber


Not only for a fit health and good looking body, cucumber works miraculously for the skin as well. Cucumber is a good source of Vitamin C which inhibits the tyrosinase activity in the skin cells thus returning its glow.

Take half a cucumber and blend it in a blender. Then add a tablespoon of aloe vera gel to it and blend until you get a fine paste. Apply this on your face and neck and wash after 10-15 minutes. Repeat this twice or thrice a week for best results.

9. Neem


There cannot be any other better natural remedy for your skin than neem. Neem has been used for various health related stuff since a long time ago, and there is no doubt in the fact that it is the best option when it comes to healing your skin naturally.

All you need is a handful of neem leaves. Grind the neem leaves until you get a fine paste. You can use the paste directly, but for better results, add a little yogurt and honey to the paste and mix well. Apply it on your skin and leave for 15-20 minutes. Wash thoroughly with warm water next. You can do this anytime you want and you will see the wonders soon!…

bookmark_borderActual cool things to do in Washington DC

Washington DC, the capital of the USA, and the home of the president of America, that is Donal Trump right now, so basically the home of Donald Trump, there are many cool things you can do in the capital city of America and we will tell you what to do when you at Washington DC.

Go visit Smithsonian air and space museum

If you are a space or science lover you will really love this place the museum offers many varieties of space shuttle and things related to science, the museum was mostly made for the people to have a look on the things that the world and America have accomplished.

In this museum, you will find the wright flyer and Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit displaying with thousands of items.

Madame Tussauds

Get to Madame Tussauds, which is the place where all Celebrities gathers around in one place and well-known politician and leader, yes they do just not in the way you think, but in wax it’s the best wax museum that you will see having wax models of many of the famous celebrities and every president of America, it was opened in October 2007 and is now one of the greatest visited places In the USA, you can see here many A list celebrities, sports athletes, politicians, many leaders and others too.

White House

The greatest historic buildings in whole America, the office and home of the president can be toured freely in the first come first served bases and if you want to have your you can request the tour by giving 3 months notice or at least 21 days notice too, it’s the home if great leaders and many great historic things to see and learn and good luck finding the secret path to another place from the office of president.

Smithsonian museum of natural history

Experience the great site of history for cost of 0 dollars in the Smithsonian museum of natural history museum stays open everyday leaving the day of 25 December, here you can see many things like a whole exhibition of butterflies known as butterfly pavilion, get to see lots of fossils from many different species at the new fossil halls and get to know more about them, get look at Hope diamond I’m pretty sure you must have heard about the Hope diamond and all those stories of its being cursed so be careful, joking, no need to worry as you won’t be able to touch it anyway, love ocean animals or shark well they will show you the jaw of the greatest and biggest shark ever lived on this planet the megalodon so when you there enjoy the attraction to the fullest and have fun.

United States national arboretum

Have great photography experience in United States national arboretum, the arboretum is open to the public every day other than December 25, the arboretum offers you out famous bonsai museum and penjing museum to go and see and in time of November to February the music is free to visit and outside the museum you will find great view of land filled with flowers and beautiful landscape great for photography.

Washington Monument

How can you go to Washington DC and not go to the Washington Monument, the monument was built to honor the first president of the great nation of America George Washington, the monument is given the title of being the world’s tallest predominantly stone structure and also the world’s tallest obelisk, it’s height is approx 555 feet and, the monument has 15 feet thick walls making it super strong, the Egyptian style monument is covered with flags forming a circle around the monument, once you at Washington DC this on its own get the place you have to visit.

National zoological park

The park is open all year round this park gives you an amazing experience with the price of 0 dollars, like any other Smithsonian park and museum it’s all free and one of the oldest zoos in America, the park hod amazing number of 1800 animals and over 300 different species and about 1 fifth of them are the ones that can be dangerous for people to mess with, the zoo has beautiful and adorable pandas, birds, reptiles and aquatic animals too, you can witness the exhibits of all those animals and know a lot of things about them here, so if you are with family and want to see animals and learn about them this will be really great place to be around.…