bookmark_borderA 30-day strength training without equipment

Everyone one loves to just gain some strength but most of the times you can’t go to the gym, or can’t afford the equipment and staff to get the full advantage, and if you are like that no worries we will tell you some great Exercises that will help you build strength and get fit in just 30 days, I myself have tried this routine and been transformed the shape of my body and gained some great strength and felt the difference in my body.

Day 1 to 30

1st week

The things about getting a fit body at home without equipment and facilities depend on the efforts you put in to build before starting that you need to make sure that your mind is ready to take all the pressure.

At the start we need to let our body get used to some basic exercises to gain the strength, we will be starting from some stretching you can see the ideal basic stretch from YouTube and get the idea how to stretch properly so you won’t be making any mistake while doing that after you are done stretching we will get to the upper body workout.

On the first day we might want to be focused all the way to the upper body strength, so start from the push-ups, if you have not done push-ups before and can’t do because of your weight start with knee push-ups or the wall push-ups these are for people who weight too much, we will do a set of 3 and 20 push-ups in each set the best thing about push-ups are that it really helps you build the strength of your arms and chest and help you have a great shaped chest and arms.

After push up you will move to doing some pull-ups that will strengthen you back and help you even with height if you are a teenager below 18 and in the growth stage, we will do 3 sets of this exercise too with 15 repetitions, and if you aren’t able to do this then try just hanging as long as you can.

After this we will go towards the triceps dips, you can search for this exercise in YouTube this one is great for your triceps and focus on that only do 3 sets for this exercise and make 20 repetitions.

Once you are done doing that so the stretches again and hold 10 sec so your pain will be less on the next day, after your stretches try going for a run or a walk you need to run every day as running makes your whole bodywork and gain stamina which will help you later in workout and gaining strength.

Another thing you might want to consider what you eat for gaining strength you need to take proper nutrition, with good fats only and a certain amount of carbs and protein.

2 day

On the second day you will do core and abs workout, start with stretches for core, and then we will move to crunches do those 3 sets and 20 repetitions, after you done doing that we will move to some flutter kicks that will help you get rid of the side and upper abs mostly, the sets and repetition will be same for whole abs exercise after this you will do the leg raise and lastly the plank try searching the plank in YouTube so you will know the proper form, do this 30sec off and 30 sec on without stopping your timer repeat that 3 times and you will be done.

Time for your jogging or running we will do that everyday.

3 day

Today will be the legs or the lower body, and we will first start with the running because later your legs might not be able to run that much, so go finish your running and when you come back you need to Stretch for your lower body make sure you cover every part from thighs to Calves.

Start with body weighted squats make sure your core stays tight and back straight, do this 3 sets of 20 repetitions, and if not able to then take support by holding something and then doing squats, next we will do jumping jacks a total of 100 and later that we will do the high knees 50 and then for the last part you will be doing some jumps on your toes to activate your calves.

And you will repeat this routine of 3 exercises 2 times a week Sunday to you take the day off.

Bonus exercise, week 2 to 4

What I told you is great for everyone but if you find yourself at ease and think you might want to go ahead in the routine, from 2nd week add this routine in your everyday workout life.

I will be telling you the high-intensity interval training that will help your whole body and give you great strength and stamina.

The rules are simple you will take a stopwatch, the exercise will be 30 sec, and 30sec rest till you are done.

Start with Burpee’s great exercise for the whole body.

2, you do mountain climber

3, squat jumps

4, squat

Do all this 2 times to make 1 round,

You have to this routine every day means 6days a week for 3 weeks.

Start with 1 round on 1 week, don’t exceed over 2 even if you have great stamina

2 weeks 2 to 3 round according to you, at this point with all running and eating and exercise you will be having great stamina so get yourself 3 rounds.

3rd week finish it with a bang do at least 4 or 5 rounds and you’re done with 30 days work out.…

bookmark_borderBest places to book a winter vacation

Winter is a great time to have so much fun, and there are many things that you can only see in winters and in winters, like skiing, snowboarding, playing with the snow and many other things.

People don’t really take winter as a season to go out and enjoy, but there are some places that you would love to go in winter, here are some of our picks in best places to go to in winters.


The best place to go in winter, as at the winter nights the sky is filled with beautiful northern lights and sparkling snow to make it look more beautiful.

You can enjoy super amazing culture there in winter season with many festive to celebrate and special Christmas and New Year celebration with amazing showcase of fireworks.


Talking about Switzerland the place is a super amazing culture with its beautiful fairy tale villages and luxurious hotels, the place offers you a great variety of clubs, bars and many adventure sports to do stuff like skiing, snowboarding and enjoying the snow.

The country offers you some affordable hotels but if you have money then you can enjoy the luxurious hotels that will cost you a lot but totally will be worth it.

And there are many places for you to visit like Switz national park the beautiful Rhine waterfall and many more.

Breckenridge, Colorado

The best place to visit in Colorado Breckenridge has the best skiing destination in the US and 2nd best in the whole world, yes because of that there are many people coming there just to have great skiing adventure with family and friends.

You can enjoy the friendly locality there with many great bars and Resort so if you want a skiing spot no other will be better than Breckenridge.

Park City Utah

If you have a love and passion for adventure sports then this is the place to go the Park City Utah skiing resort in 2015 combined with another resort to give you a larger better spot to have fun with many levels of slopes this place is great and when you tried from doing skiing all day, you can enjoy the bars at the city and many great restaurant and have an amazing sleep in Coziest hotels in park city.

Tokyo, Japan

The capital of Japan the city who created and revolutionized the world with its anime and culture, and what can be a better way to spend your winter than a traditional Japanese style hot springs, with so many other things to watch and enjoy like their Japanese style gardens, castles and all and if your luck is with you, You can even enjoy the plum trees blossom and that is a beautiful thing you will ever see believe me.


If you want to go somewhere in Europe in winter season than make sure to consider Budapest as your option here you can enjoy the ice skating experience like the Disney the main ice skating rink in Budapest is covered with a castle giving you that fairy tale experience and the hotels are super great with amazing food and the coffee is Budapest you can never taste a better one, and also some great hot spring.

Budapest has everything that you will enjoy so in winter season you should really consider the Budapest in your go-to list for sure.


The best city to enjoy the Christmas season and no doubt the best city to go to in the winter season and have fun, there are many things about Vienna like great architecture, great buildings, the Christmas culture and spirit, and the fashion of Vienna.

When you visit Vienna at Christmas you must go to the Christmas market and get you some stuff from there and after that go to the Hofburg palace and listen to the great opera concert at Vienna state opera.

Now once you have done all that and ready to witness some skiing you can go to the skiing spots of Vienna and have some really great experience and fun at Vienna.


This one is really just will give you a memorable experience with its fairy tale castles, at the times of Christmas you can go to the Christmas market and enjoy the festive and then head to the hot sauna and get some relaxation.

After that, enjoy the beauty of the city and when you do go to book the tickets for all the castle that you will find here to give you that royal and Disney type experience that you don’t wanna miss at all.…

bookmark_borderActual cool things to do in San Antonio when someone visits

In the state of Texas lies the city of San Antonio right in the Central Texas, this place is known for its culture and heritage and is a great spot to go and see many things and do cool things like going to places seeing monument and getting a walk to the river and having fun at the festivals and enjoy the cafes and shops there so let’s check some of them out which will you find super awesome.

Market square

In the Downtown San Antonio you will find this historic Mexican market in whole America, filled with shops, restaurants in its 3 block outdoor plaza the market offers you so many things offering you the best shops in whole San Antonio with lots of things to look around and many shops to go to and also way too many restaurants and cafes to enjoy food, and other street restaurant too where you can find the street food of this market square. So when you in San Antonio and want to do some shopping do come here for it.

San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio zoo is really great zoo and aquarium, it’s a 35acre big zoo containing over 3500 animals and 750 different species of animals to look for, the average visitors that visit this zoo are over a million, means the zoo stays busy throughout the year no matter if it’s summer and winter or any season. You have a cafe in the zoo and you also get some rides for kids like a train ride and more that will keep your kids happy throughout the whole zoo experience.

Natural Bridge Caverns

the natural bridge Caverns are not exactly in the city but it’s really neat and close to the city, the caverns Feature and shows you several unique types of geological formation and speleothems, the temperature remains at 21 degrees there and the deepest part of the tour of this place you will go below the surface on the depth of 180ft, they are still developing slowly and with time you will see more and more but till then you can enjoy this and find the beauty of the earth below the surface.

San Antonio Riverwalk

One of my favorite spots in the San Antonio riverwalk its a city park that have walkways along the San Antonio River, the walkways are 1 story beneath the San Antonio street and is a really great place to take a walk and relax and refresh your mood with awesome experience or walking alongside with river and one of the most attractive tourist spots in the whole city and also recognised as one of the city landmarks to go to, and the river is super beautiful the time of spring when the parade do the river happen where they feature flowers floating down the river and the river is filled with many flowers.

San Antonio Missions National historical park

The park contains one of the 5 Spanish mansions and also has been considered a world heritage site by UNESCO, so when you in San Antonio make sure to check one of the heritage mansions of Spanish people in great San Antonio missions national park, the park is named missions as these posts were founded for a mission of spreading Christianity among the local natives. And also spread all over the Spanish southwest in 17 to 19 the centuries for a long long time.

The Alamo

The Alamo is another mansion that has a great history and been part of a revolution at his time with having many immigrants taking over the place, the Mexican soldiers reclaimed the place after following 13 days Siege, and because of its history, the place itself is a great monument and no wonder a must-see place when you in San Antonio.

Majestic theater

the majestic theater is itself the oldest and largest atmospheric theater in whole San Antonio, this theater has been the home of many movies premiered here in this historical theater so if you want to watch something why not watch In a place that has shown many movies of huge stars for a long period of time and shared many live concerts and plays.

San Antonio Museum of art

The museum of art consists of over 5000 years of culture from all around the world and its fine art encyclopedia collection can’t be found anywhere in south Texas making it the only museum to have that in south Texas, it’s very near the San Antonio Riverwalk, so if your there so come visit this museum and experience the history of art culture.…